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Reach even more fans with CD Baby's physical media distribution program!

Through CD Baby’s Physical Distribution Program, we partner with distributors and retailers including Super D, Amazon, and Alliance, to make your CD, Vinyl or DVD available to retail stores and online retailers worldwide.

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*Physical distribution is available for Standard and Pro album submissions only.

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CD Baby Direct to Fan Fulfillment

Get the benefits of CD Baby distribution and direct fulfillment to your fans, whether or not you use our reseller and Amazon distribution! Send us your merchandise and sell anywhere – Bandcamp, Bandzoogle, your own website… we’ll handle the fulfillment for you. Fulfilled by artists for artists!

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Here's how we've helped other folks:

“Burnside Distribution made a decision two years ago to align ourselves with CD Baby for order fulfillment to our customers. Their efficiency in taking over this vital component of our business has been positive in all regards…”

Bill McNally

President/Owner Burnside Distribution Corp.

“Having CD Baby as a shipping partner has been life-changing for my label! Not only did it help immensely with my personal workload, but I’m now able to offer/pass onto our customers some of the best shipping rates around, especially for overseas. I’d highly recommend it for any label or artist.”


Fresh Selects

“CD Baby’s fulfillment services made it easy for us to move away from self-shipping our website orders. They automatically receive our orders, and now everything goes out on a reliable schedule, even when we’re not available!… CD Baby has made us very happy.”

Max Wolf

Owl Productions

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